13 March, 2015

Happy Red Nose Day!!!!!

Hi there!

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Red Nose Day. I really hope those children in the UK and Africa are helped this year. Here are some facts about Red Nose Day:

  • The first every Red Nose Day was in 1985 on Christmas Day when they raised a whooping £15 million pounds.
  • Thanks to the money we've raised between 1988-2008 has made 46.5 million children go to school.
  • Since when it was first founded (1985), Comic relief have set up 17,000 projects in the Uk alone.
  • Comic Relief has helped to protect over 6 million people in Africa from Malaria which is caused by parasites that are transmitted by infected mosquitoes.

Here is the story of Ngosa, one of the many children who has been helped by Comic Relief:

I hope you all wish the children in the UK and Africa are helped and that we raise lots of money for them. Happy Red Nose Day!!!!!!!!!!

Keep being awesome,
- Ines


  1. Hi Ines! I havnt spoken to you in such a long time I thought you quit blogging!Please check out my blog! Great post!!


  2. We have raised lots of money for them!
    Comic Relief 2015 broke records
    Hopefully will help people


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