28 May, 2015

London!! (before I've been there)

Hi Guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I've been quite busy lately. Today, I will be doing a post on my amazing trip to LONDON!

So, first I will get on the train to go to London as I live quite far away. After arriving in London, me, my mum, sister, brother and I will get on the tube to go to Aldgate East where we will walk down Whitechapel Road until we arrive at Whitechapel Gallery - which is our first stop. We will go inside and have a little look around at all the exhibitions. After experiencing the wow factor of the paintings, we will go to the gallery's amazing cafĂ© to have lunch.

Next we will walk up Brick Lane which is famous for it's mouth-watering curry's and arrive in Old Truman Brewery which has The Power of Poison in. The Power of Poison is a gallery which tells you all about poison! We will look round The Exhibition, then go out, have a walk and a look around. After that we will then meet my dad who works in London for dinner.

I'm really looking forward to my day out - I'm bursting with excitement! You'll hear my thoughts on it soon.


  1. OOOOOOO! Hope you and Lexie have an AMAZING trip in London! I live in London xD :D Great post Ines!


  2. It's so cool you are going to London!


  3. I love London! Sounds like your going to have an amazing time! I like the sound of the power of poison. All and all it sounds like you will have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Ines! I hope you have a blast! I have always dreamed of going to London. You are so lucky! By the way, cool blog. I will try to keep in touch with your blog!



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