17 April, 2015

Cap'n John the (slightly) fierce by Johnny Smith with SPECIAL FEATURE!!!!!

OK, so you wondering what the special feature is. It's an interview with the one and only Johnny Smith!

About him:
Johnny Smith is an experienced animation and live screen-writer. As one half of 'Sprackling and Smith', the comedy screenwriting team, he has sold a numerous amount of original feature film scripts, including Disney's box office hit Gnomeo & Juliet. He now lives in London, England with his lovely wife and children.

The Interview:
Me: Who/what inspired you to write Cap'n John the (slightly) fierce?
Him: Hi Ines, that’s an easy one. My actual name is JOHN SMITH and all my life people have said either ‘what a very common name…’ or ‘What are you really called?’ so this is something I’ve lived with for years and years. So I decided I would write stories about a little boy who, like me, has a very common name.
Me: What was your favourite part of the story/why?
Him: In the first book John learns all about the JOHN SMITH club and he gets to go off and be a fearsome pirate. I love that John uses a cucumber for a sword. I love that the pirates have totally silly names but best of all I love it when John uses coconuts as cannonballs to fire at the other pirates.
What is the difference between story writing and script writing?
Him: So I also write films and I’ve thought a bit about the difference between writing films and writing books and here’s what I think. WORLD EXCLUSIVE! There’s not much difference at all! If it’s a film or a book you’re trying to tell a good story with lively, interesting characters.
Me: Who is your favourite character/why?
Him: Of course I would say JOHN SMITH because I’m John Smith too. But I also really like Hayley because she’s so mean and there’s a certain furry character in the Spaceman book and I love him, but really I think it’s Grandad because he’s so wise and so foolish and all at the same time. 
Me: Were you like Johnny Smith when you were younger? If so, why?
Him: Oh yes! I loved playing and making up stories and having fantastic adventures even if they were in my own imagination. I’m sure we’re all a little bit like JOHN SMITH deep down. Aren’t you?

Interview over. Now it's time for the review on the book.

Cap'n John the (slightly) fierce was a great book! Although it was short, it was an amazing read and has now become one of my many favourite books, some of which are Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis, Forbidden Friends by Anne-Marie Conway and Awful Auntie by David Walliams. I really love the way Johnny Smith writes because his books make you feel calm and relaxed, just like the way David Walliams writes who is one of my favourite authors. How funny! Like Johnny Smith, my favourite character was Granddad because he was really funny and he kept on losing his dentures. My favourite part of the story was when John Smith thought it was a friends party but it wasn't actually. I would recommend this book to boys and girls aged 6-9 who like to read funny stories. Overall Cap'n John the (slightly) fierce was a great book and was very enjoyable to read.

Keep being awesome,
- Ines


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