01 May, 2015

The Athenaeum (before I've stayed there)

Hi there! Today I will be doing a blog post on the wonderful Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments, which I will be staying at soon.
First of all, the fabulous Athenaeum is a 5-star luxury hotel based in Mayfair. Staying here means you are surrounded by the breath-taking sites of Buckingham Palace, The Royal Parks, The City, Soho and Canary Wharf. Their restraunt, which has won an award, serves up delicious food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even afternoon tea sometimes! There are loads of activities to do around The Athenaeum including zooming around galleries, museums and the London Eye on the On and Off Bus, watching spectacular shows and pleasent plays, plus lots, lots more!

Here are some images (courtsey of Trip Advisor) *No credit to me.*
This hotel looks so great and I'm really excited about staying there, especially as it's around some of London's biggest tourist attractions. You'll here my review on the stay soon so keep a look-out!

Keep being awesome,
- Ines


  1. Wow that place looks amazing.
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  2. Hi Ines that place looks cool.


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  4. That sounds amazingly cool your so lucky your going there.

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  6. Wow, that place looks amazing! You are making me so jealous right now.....hope you have a great time!

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  8. Lovely! Have a nice weekend sweetie!

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