25 December, 2014

The wonderful Danesfield House (before I've been there)

My grandparents have been very kind and treated me and my family to stay at Danesfield House (where George Clooney had his wedding!) over Christmas. 

From the brochure, Danesfield House looks wonderful - especially at night when it's lit up.


Danesfield House has reached some achievements such as 

  • Hotel Chef of the year, 2011, awarded by The Hotel Cateys
  • Michelin star awarded in Great Britain and Ireland 2012
  • The winner of the most amazing hotel venue in 2010
  • The winner of the most relaxing spa in 2011
  • and much more
I think that Danesfield House will be amazing and a fabulous way to spend Christmas Day as I'm with my family in an excellent location on one of the best days in the year.

Keep being awesome,


  1. Do you have a button? I would love to post it on my button page!

    1. No I sadly don't have a button by I would really appreciate it if someone got me one.

    2. I could make you one. Just give me some ideas of what you want and boom.

  2. I bet you had a good time there! Like Livy, I would love to button swap with you.
    Emily // www.mylifeasapreteendork.wordpress.com

    1. I have nominated you for the Liebester awards.

    2. Thanks so much!!!!! I really appreciate it. =)

  3. Hi, I'm 8 years old as well! I'm a new reader of your blog :)
    You're so lucky to have stayed there, it looks amazing!! I hope you had a lot of fun :) x



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