10 March, 2015

Anyone But Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp (before I've read it)

Front Cover:
The front cover looks quite posh because of the gold writing in a fancy font and the very posh border around the outside of the book. It's very smooth apart from the tiny bump of the writing. The 'O' in
Pocket is a pocket watch so maybe that has something to do with it. I think that this book is set in the olden days because just from the silhouette it looks like Ivy is a maid and you only have maids nowadays if you're very rich.

This is a very interesting and different blurb. Instead of being a summary about the book, it's a letter from the author explaining he is so embarrassed that he's published it but personally I think that Anyone but Ivy Pocket will be amazing.

Esteemed Reader,

To be honest I am horrified.
Naturally I blame Bloomsbury.
Publishing Anyone But Ivy Pocket was their idea and now they tell me my literary creation needs help. It is wickedly impertinent! They say are must throw myself at the mercy of the greatest band of blackguards and ne'er-do-wells the world has ever known. I speak, of course, of booksellers, librarians, teachers and reviewers. It would seem that Ivy's future depends upon you and, that without you, all will be lost.
Ivy Pocket came to me in a flash of creative fire. (My writing desk still has burn marks!) She is so violently deluded, majestically self-important, frequently ill-mannered and has the intuitive sense of a pound cake. What's more, she is caught up in a ghastly business involving a murdered duchess, a mystical necklace, a brattish aristocrat and a most remarkable destiny. But without your support, she will never reach the children who will inevitably fall in love with her shining personality. That will be heartbreakingly disappointing as I still have two more books to write. And bills to pay.
With great reluctance (for I am magnificently coy), I must beg you to do what you know is right - spread the word, tell the world and help Ivy Pocket on her way to greatness. Anything less would be a crime against literature.

Caleb Krisp, Esq.

I have spread the word about Ivy Pocket so now it's your turn to do so. You will be able to hear my thoughts on the book in my after post which I'll write soon.

Keep being awesome,
- Ines

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