25 February, 2015

Operation Bunny by Sally Gardener (before I've read it)

This book was actually sent to me by Orion Books and I am very lucky to receive it.  I have also read some other books of Sally's ( The Boy with Magic Numbers and The Strongest Girl in the World) and have loved them.

Front Cover:
Things that are on the front cover:
  1. 2 flying keys
  2. an ordinary girl
  3. an extremely furry brown, orange and white cat and
  4. 4 pink bunnies
From looking at them, I can already conclude that this book is going to be quite peculiar, what with pink bunnies and flying keys! Let's see if the blurb fits my prediction.

When Emily Vole inherits an abandoned shop,
she discovers a magical world she never knew existed.
But a fairy-hating witch, a mischievous set of flying
keys and a train full of brightly coloured bunnies are
just a few of the surprises that come with it.
With the help of a talking cat called Fidget and a
grumpy fairy detective named Buster, it's up to
Emily to get to the bottom of Operation Bunny...
      = Things that  prove my prediction - basically weird things
Emily Vole - it's quite an unusual name and, hey I'm not being nameist or something.
A magical world - it says it in the name - MAGICAL!!!!
A mischievous set of flying keys - now that's something you don't see every day.
A train full of brightly coloured bunnies 1. bunnies aren't brightly coloured and 2. you wouldn't get on a train and sit next to a bunny - especially a brightly coloured one.
A talking cat called Fidget - you wouldn't go to a pet shop, by a cat and then when you get home it talks to you (but if that has happened take your pet to the vet) because that is just plain weird.
Above, are the reasons why this book, I think, is very weird but sometimes I like weird books and I have a feeling this is going to be one of them.
Bye now, I'm off to read it, you'll hear what I thought of it soon, enough.

Keep being awesome,
- Ines


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