18 March, 2015

The White Giraffe by Lauren St John (before I've read it)

My sister has read some of Lauren St John's books before and really enjoyed them so I was delighted when Orion sent me a copy of The White Giraffe.

Front Cover:
The front cover really pulls you in and makes you look closely. The giraffe stands out which makes everything in the background (a bird, some deer drinking at a water hole and a tree) look small which as I said before makes you want to look closely. I think the story is set in Africa because the animals you can see on the front cover come from Africa. For some reason, the ground is a fiery red. That makes me ask a question. Why is it that particular colour? Why not a sky blue or lemon yellowQuestons are good for the author and the publisher because they make you want to know more about the story which make you wan to read the story.

Right. The blurb has made me really want to read the story. I think the sentence which helps the most is ' The giraffe looks at her as if it is waiting...' An ellipsis always hooks me but this one was used so well that is has really wowed me. It's kind of like the book is waiting for me to read the story.

So I will. I'm going to read the book now but you'll hear my thoughts on the book soon.

Keep being awesome,
- Ines

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