18 March, 2015

Operation Bunny by Sally Gardener (after I've read it)

When I was reading this book I felt scared, nervous, anxious and glad. All of these feelings, I think, would've been feelings that the characters had been feeling at different time throughout the book. This shows that when I read books I feel like I'm one of the characters in then story as well.

The brief plot of the story, without giving any exciting parts away is:

Emily Vole is abandoned in a hat box at Stansted Airport and rich parents Ronald and Daisy Dashwood adopt her. Daisy, who is all about fashion, thinks that Emily will have glossy strawberry blonde hair and deep blue eyes but when it turns out she doesn't makes her the house maid and it's even worse for Emily because 3, not 1,  3 new babies are coming. Five years later, Emily meets Miss String and Fidget her talking cat. Miss String teaches Emily how to read, write, all about history, all about  maths and how to speak fluent German, French and Old English. But then disaster strikes and Emily and Fidget need to escape...
Soon, they are on the run and get on a train not noticing it's full of brightly coloured pink bunnies. And from there on Emily discovers mind-blowing secrets and is chased by mean old witch Harpella, who wants to steal all fairies wings.

I really enjoyed this book and my favourite part was when Daisy and Ronald Dashwood lose all their expensive things, it really made me laugh. My favourite character was Miss String because she kept on saying things like buddleia, buddleia and buddleia again (which I think is Old English) and because she was very intelligent teaching Emily History, Maths, English, Reading and lots of different languages.

I would recommend this book to children aged 7 - 11, boys and girls who like reading books with a little bit of all the emotions that I listed above (scared, nervous anxious and glad).

Keep being awesome,
 - Ines

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I will def have to read this book. I love your blog, i love that its full of book reviews, i am a huge reader so always lookung fur new authors. Bye
    Ari ( www.aribebop@wordpress.com)


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