05 March, 2014

The winner of Whitbread goes to ... The curious incident of the dog in the night time (before I've read it.)

Personally (I think) the reason why I chose this book is

  1.  The title sounds very catchy
  2.  It was the winner of Whitbread.

Front Cover:
It looks very sad just looking at the front cover but actually reading the book is going to be very 
sad (although I do like a bit of tragedy.) The book looks very interesting and I've seen it in my school library and I think the books there are always very,very good. Also it has the word dog in it. Whenever I see that word I get really hyper-active because I adore dogs. I've also read one of Mark Haddon's books before and that was good so I think this one should be too. From what it looks like on the front cover I think the dog is dead.

Whoa! Give me time to take it all in. The front cover's interesting and now the blurb's interesting so I just neeeed to read this book but first I have to finish and post this. Groan.   
The blurb of the version I've got
Another reason why I love the blurb is because it ends with a rhetorical question (which I will answer in my next blog post.) On both sides the book looks very ancient and mysterious so that might give me a clue of what the books like inside. 

As well as being the winner of Whitbread, this book was also the winner of the Guardian children's fiction prize and the book trust teenage fiction award.

My opinions of the book coming soon, when I've read it.

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