17 March, 2014

The greatest author in the world in my opinion Dame Jacqueline Wilson (after I've seen her)

Wow! That was amazing. It was definitely worth it. All that trouble finding seats and then an amazing talk , all that fuss getting a book and then having a picture and a book signed. 

Her new book Paws and Whiskers sounds brilliant and now I've got it I will be blogging about it. Basically, it's stories about cats and dogs from different authors and as you might already know I adore cats and dogs. As I did get the chance to ask questions I will answer them.

What's the book you like the most that you've written? Hetty Feather.

What inspired you to be an author? I loved reading and writing so it was the perfect job.
 I didn't get a chance to ask the last question though.

The only thing that spoilt it was at the end where you got to get Paws and Whiskers signed by Jackie and we had to wait in a queue for ages and ages and ages and ages. Everyone was pushing because they wanted to get their book signed first so I nearly got knocked over and lots of people said nasty jibs about other people pushing when they were doing it themselves.
It was a total riot! 

But overall, it was a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant (e.t.c) day meeting my hero Jacqueline Wilson.  Here's me and my sister with Dame Jacqueline Wilson.


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