21 March, 2014

The winner of Whitbred goes to ... The curious incident of the dog in the night-time (after I've read it)

Wow! Mark Haddon must have a love of detectives, maths, a bit of confusion and maybe a bit of tragedy because this book included all of those things. From all the books I've read this book stands out from all the others because 
1. Mark Haddon decided to use Prime numbers for chapters and
2. It teaches you because Christopher (the little boy) takes his A-levels test and it tells you some of the answers.

If I was to write a brief plot of the book it would be:
Farther tells Christopher that Christopher's mother has died when actually she's going out with another man who is Farther's neighbors husband. Meanwhile Mrs Shears(Farther's neighbor's) dog is dead so Christopher does an investigation to find out who killed the dog. But then Christopher finds out that his mother isn't dead and she's going out with another man and who kills Wellington (Mrs Shears dog). 

Mark Haddon getting the Whitbred award
I really loved this book because it has multiple points of view and Mark Haddon doesn't even have to split it up. I also love this book because the dilemma isn't solved until the very last bit of the book which gives me even more suspense. 

Now I've read this book Mark Haddon is in my list for the top 10 best authors (well, in my opinion). I would recommend this book to all ages 9 and above even adults - my mum is going to read this in her book club soon. 

If you see any of Mark Haddon's books in your local/school library then if I were you I would definitely, I repeat definitely , get it out. 

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