12 July, 2014

Lizzie's Wish by Adele Geras (before I've read it)

Hello again! I'm back to blog about a book that I got out of the library that I think will be very good. Lizzie's Wish.

Front Cover:
This grabs my attention! Straight away I can identify that it's from an olden day era as most of the pictures are pretty dull but still grabbing. There are also quite a lot of plants which shows Lizzie likes the outside world. There's also a question below the title that gets me thinking. Will she achieve her ambition?  Already there's a question in my head that will hopefully be answered in the book. What is her ambition?...

Lizzie loves plants, and her biggest wish is to be a gardener, a bold choice for a Victorian girl. When her strict and miserable stepfather sends her to stay with relatives in London, Lizzie misses her country garden and struggles to adapt to her new life of stiff manners and formal pastimes.
Lizzie lives for the daily letters from her mother and is looking forward to the news of her new baby brother or sister. But suddenly the letters stop, and when Lizzie sets out to discover the truth she finds herself on a rescue mission.

Wow! That sounds so good that I have to stop the blog post and start reading this awesome book. Bye!          


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  2. Wow! This does sound good!


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