23 July, 2014

Lizzie's Wish by Adele Geras (after I've read it)

That book was soo good, no thrilling. I definitely recommend  Lizzie's Wish for any age. Once I'd picked it up I just couldn't put it down. Although some bits were a little boring most of it was plain fun, happiness with a pinch of sadness.

Lizzie is sent to live in London by her mean stepfather because her mom's having a baby.  She gets along well with Hugh a 12 year old boy who's obsessed with plant's like she is and Clara a 16 year old girl who's kind. However Lucy the youngest is really mean,making Lizzie feel unwelcome.Suddenly, the letters stop and the baby is born! But what other troubles will happen to the baby and walnut that Lizzie is planting. Caring and patience is the key...

I can see it was set in 1857 because one of the Uncles, Uncle William, fought in the Crimean war which was 1853-1857.
If you've already broken up than have a good holiday but if you're like me let's look forward to it.                  

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