01 May, 2014

Princess Ponies; A Singing Star by Chloe Ryder (before I've read it)

As soon as my sister Lexie showed me this book, I knew that I absolutely HAD to read it!

Front Cover:
Sparkling, eye-catching and dazzling are the words I would use to describe the front cover. I think that black is the best colour for a horse so this book really caught my eye although it has got a white patch. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of princess' but somehow this book has really drawn me in partly because horse my favorite animal in the world. You feel as if you are touching the horses fur and her eyes, her wide, intelligent, curious eyes, are hypnotizing you to read this book and that's why I am.

Your friends for ever! Visit their magical island kingdom, where anything can happen...

Diva (the horse on the front) is probably the main character because she appears twice and she has the dilemma. The pink with white sparkles is a dainty background so maybe the characters are. Basically, the blurb explains that Pippa goes and sees her hero Diva but hours before the show someone steals Diva's voice. Pippa tries to find it. But will she find it in time and be Diva's hero?

This books looks brilliant and I'm sure it will be a thrill reading it.
All this suspension is just too much for me so I'm going to end this post and start reading!

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