29 April, 2014

It's mysterious, It's enchanted, It's The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton (after I've read it)

Did that take me quite a long time? Oh yes! I think it's good that it's long (676 pages to be precise) because the author can give more description and fit more writing into the story. 

The title of all the books were:
1.  The Enchanted Wood (where the Faraway Tree lives)
2.  The Magic Faraway Tree
3. The Folk of the Faraway Tree

The Enchanted Wood:
This book starts off the 3 books and is kind of like an introductory paragraph but much longer and it starts to explain the people and adventures in the Faraway Tree.
The Magic Faraway Tree:
This book explains further and more exciting adventures the children have, with a special visitor!
The Folk of the Faraway Tree:
This is the last part of the story but it isn't simple, that's for sure! Here it starts to get more gripping and mysterious than ever...

This book was full of sudden changes and weird characters you wouldn't meet every day. There was always a different land at the top of the Faraway Tree which sometimes the children visited, sometimes they didn't, sometimes were sweet and sometimes were scary. But however sweet or scary the land at the top of the tree was the children had an adventure.

This book was very thrilling and interesting giving the the reader scaredness, happiness or just plain curiosity so I reeeeeeeeeeally enjoyed it. If you don't believe in magic then would recommend you not to read it because most of this book's characters are 'not real'.  Overall this book was just cool (as Enid Blyton Books are in my opinion).  I would recommend this book to all people who love Enid Blyton and to people who just love reading.

This book is definitely one of my favorites out of all Enid Blyton's books.

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