28 March, 2014

Wendy Quill (who's just like me) tries to grow a pet (after I've read it)

Think of how hard you want your dream to come true. Times that by 10. And that is how much Wendy Quill, my sister and I want a pet. Although Wendy Quill does already have 2 pets. But, by the end of the book Wendy Quill has 4 pets.  

Wendy Quill Tries to Grow a Pet was split into 3 experiments. Experiment 1 - Wendy Quill's invisible runaway dog. Experiment 2 - Wendy Quill's tiny borrowed pets. Experiment 3 - Wendy Quill tries to grow a frog. The author chose good titles for the 3 experiments because they all link into the main title. 

My brief plot of the story :
Experiment 1 -Wendy has an invisible dog (Bathilda Brown) who runs away because Wendy has to lie that she doesn't have one. Unfortunately for Wendy, she makes up  a questionnaire and has to read it out to the class by accident. Her teacher is a poodle and because of that she gets sent to the headmaster.

Experiment 2 -Wendy Quill has a boy in her class who always itches (Tyler Ainsworth) so Wendy tries to get the nits off him so she can have her own tiny pets. Her best friend Florence Hurbet says that Wendy doesn't have the nits. Or does she? 

Experiment 3 -Weirdly, Wendy tries to grow frogs in a jar. It works! YEY!  Finally,Wendy Quill has pets of her own. But more than she expects. The nits that she got off Tyler Ainsworth had come as well. Double-yay!

I loved this book because it was short yet the author fitted a good amount of brilliant writing into it and it was also a bit humourous which I like. This book (in my opinion) would fall under the 5-10 category as it was for younger children and older children. Wendy Meddour (the author) was imaginative and that's really what makes a book a book for me. Overall I just totally adore this book.

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