20 February, 2015

The Imaginary by A. F. Harrold (before I've read it)

I was actually very lucky to be able to go to the Imaginary's book launch and see A. F. Harrold (the author) and Emily Gravett (the illustrator) in person. It was amazing and I am so grateful towards Liz for letting me come along.

The front Cover

Front Cover:
This book has really caught my eye from the moment I saw it. It's different, in a good way, from all the other covers of books. I think it's because the only colour is the title and the plants in Amanda's imagination
makes it look very effective. There are 2 different pictures. One is what it is in real life - well apart from Rudger Amanda's best, (imaginary) friend. The second one is what Amanda is imagining. Just from looking at the front cover I can see that Emily is very talented at Art.   

        Rudger is Amanda's best friend.
He doesn't exist.
But nobody's perfect.
I love this blurb because it builds up tension inside you. It's different to other blurbs just like the front cover because it's short and it gets you thinking what might the story be like... I also like the way the blurb is shown - Mr Bunting (the bad guy) is showing Amanda a wisp of smoke coming from his hand and that is where the blurb is. 

I can't wait to read this book, it sounds amazing!

Keep being awesome,
- Ines

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