12 January, 2015

Cats the Play (after I've seen it)

First things first, the play was amazing and the scenery (a junkyard) looked just like it was a real one. My favourite part was when Nicole Scherzinger sang Memory because her voice filled the whole theatre with a sound like an angel and because she had sang from the heart of her soul as if she was an actual cat though, I don't think any cat would be able to sing as amazingly as her!

Even though the play didn't have any narrators to tell you where the story was at, you could still know because of the songs. My Mum, Nan, Auntie, Sister and I sat in the stalls so we had quite a good view of the stage.

My favourite song was Rum Tum Tugger because it was really catchy and when the man sang it, it made me want to jump to my feet and start dancing along singing " The Rum Tum Tugger is a curious cat!" Other songs I enjoyed include Memory, Grizabella the Glamour Cat, Macavity and Mister Mistofelees.

Before the show had started, you were allowed to go into the 'Jellicle Ballroom' where you could have your face painted. Around the edge of the room, there were mannequins modelling all of the costumes from the original play. They were stunning, covered with beautiful decorations from sparkly sequins to flimsy feathers.

Unfortunately, Nicole Scherzinger is no longer playing Grizabella any more but the play is still running so, book your tickets now!

Keep being awesome,
- Ines

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