14 August, 2014

The Bomber Dog (before I've read it)

I've been wanting to get this book ever since the author Megan Rix came to speak about her books at our school. It was so fascinating that I couldn't stop wanting it. The Bomber Dog.

Front Cover:
It looks like it's set in war because of the title The Bomber Dog and the planes on the front. The quote  'Best friend and hero...' might show that there's sadness in the book and the hero would rescue it/who. The main character is probably a German Shepard. They're one of my favourite breeds of dog because their ears are so pointy, their tongues stick out and they're so super. I usually don't like books that have wars in but somehow this particular book made me push past the sadness and read it. (So it had better be good.)  

From the info I've got I'm going to attempt to write my own blurb. Here we go: When Grey, a puppy arrives at the War dog Training School, Nathan his trainer is a brave young soldier and is an old war dog. They soon become best friends but then a big jump goes tragically wrong...
When the Second World War gets even more violent, Grey finds he's facing the most important mission ever in his life; finding his friend. But France is covered in danger with bombs going off and dead bodies lying everywhere. But his mind is set on one goal: reaching his friend before it's too late! 
There's a quote here 'If you love Michael Morpurgo, you will enjoy this'
 - Sunday Express            


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