14 August, 2014

HETTY FEATHER!!! (after I've seen it)

Woah, I'm still recovering from going to bed at 10:30 last night. But the play itself was amazing.

Trafalgar Square/The National Gallery/Dinner 
First of all we got on the train and tube to reach London but guess where we got out...
Trafalgar Square! We looked at Nelson's Column and my sister climbed up a bit higher. It was enormous. After that, we went into the National Gallery which was very fascinating. I got a postcard with one of Monet's pictures on.
We went to dinner at a very posh place and we ate off the adult menu. I had Italian beef meatballs. The restaurant, Joe Allen, was all about movies.  

The actual play
Hetty Feather was amazing. Here are the cast:
Hetty - Phoebe Thomas, Jem/Matrom Bottomly - Matt Costain, Peg/Ida - Sarah Goddard, Gideon - Paul Mundell, Saul - Isaac Stanmore, Madame Adeline - Nikki Warwick, Understudy - Jenanne Redman, Musician - Alex Heane, Musician - Luke Potter. Hetty lives a very hard life when she is abandoned as a baby. The play was about the quest to find her mother but she was  much closer than you thought...
The play gave me a lot of different emotions at different times. I thought the acrobatics in it was phenomenal and the music showed lots of expressions. The actors and actresses must of trained really hard, but as they say hard work always pays off and I mean always. Overall, the play was brilliant but when we got home there were 2 sleepy heads in the house. 
The play and book was inspired by the stories of children who grew up in Victorian Times in the Foundling Hospital. Jackie tried to imagine how hard it would be.  There are 3 other books and they are:
1. Sapphire Battersea
2. Emerald Star
3. Diamond

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