10 July, 2014

Coco Caramel by Cathy Cassidy (after I've read it)

What a good book.  Not the best I've ever read, but it's very unexpected at the end you should read it. I felt very emotional whilst reading this book not always in a sad way though...  

The main characters are:

  • Coco
  • Lawrie
  • The sisters Skye, Summer, Honey and Cherry              
  • Mr Seddon
  • Caramel (the horse)  
My explanation of the story in the least words possible would be: 
Caramel bought by mean Mr Seddon. Coco wants to save him. Lawrie (the school bully) helps. Unexpected things happen.

In this book you'll go through a lot of emotions from sadness =( to happiness =) so if you're going to read this book be ready to jump into a world of crime and adventure. Good luck...  


  1. Love this book!

    1. Are you a blogger? If so please tell me the address and I hope we could be blogging friends


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