03 October, 2014

Wisher the Runaway Piglet by Georgie Adams (after I've read it)

First of all, I'll just give you the lovely memory of when I was reading it. I was sitting on the balcony of my grandparents flat in France which is over-looking the amazing Mediterranean.

But let's not get carried away but let's get on with the review!!

Wisher is an extraordinary character. She's sweet, sensible and calm and she has magical powers which can sense danger. Like, how cool is that?!
However her 2 eldest brothers Bramble and Bracken are wild and crazy wanting to be the bravest, the strongest, the fastest, basically the best.

My favourite character is Barley Longears (the dad of the rabbit family) as he is

  • Thoughtful                                                                             Protective
  • Sensitive
  • Sweet 
  • Kind
  • Helpful  

The basic plot of the story is:
Wisher finds out about the runaway piglet who ran away from her farm after an unexpected dog incident whilst trying to get back to her own cosiness of her burrow. Together they help each other to find their homes and to keep each other safe from the dangers of the outsideworld...

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to girls 7-12. 

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