28 September, 2014

Peace blog post

Millie has given  me a fact about the word peace. Thanks Millie!

Here are the facts:
Millie's - Jeremy founded Peace One day in 1999

Mine - On the day the Americans named a special rose 'Peace' World War II stopped.
To celebrate the International day of Peace there was a concert in Wembley Arena by Elton John and James Morrison and a small appearance by Jude Law in 2012.
During the 1960s the peace sign symbolized the spirit of love service to humanity and peace.
The peace sign was created by Gerald Herbert Holtman, an artist and designer, on February 21st  1958.

That's all the facts done. Keep on commenting for next week's word!!!


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  1. Having been in love I know that love is a strong liking for anything. It may be for a person and for that there is different types: dating, flirting, crushing, marriage etc. But love might be for a much smaller thing. A passion for a hobby or animal.

    From Mia xxx


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